Drinks That Are Good For Eye Health

Eye function, and consequently vision degrade with age. Over time, the eyes sustain the damaging effects of blue light, solar radiation, and other environmental. Fortunately, good foods for eye health may help protect eyesight, sustain their ability to function and maintain eye health. These foods include nutrient rich favorites like nuts, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, and fish.

Vitamins And Minerals For The Eyes

The National Eye Institute sponsored two comprehensive studies to understand the effect certain vitamins and minerals have on eye health.** The results were that vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, lutein and zeaxanthin are a powerful combination of nutrients, especially when taken together. OJO® contains these essential vitamins and minerals in a single delicious, drinkable supplement.

Supplements for Eye Health

Without supplementation, it is difficult to get all of the nutrition the eyes require – eating a balanced diet rich in the right foods is a good start. Supplements with the same nutrients found in good foods for eye health are a simple way to overcome the challenge.

When choosing a supplement, choose one that contains nutrients which support eye health. Also consider factors like how many pills are required each day, how dig or difficult to swallow they may be, and whether they might cause stomach upset.

Why OJO®?

With OJO®, it is easy to get the nutrients needed to promote ocular health*. Because the nutrients in OJO® are in a liquid, beverage format they are fully absorbed.

OJO® can be delivered to your home or office. Order online to Drink Your Eyes Healthy™.* You will love the fabulous taste and your eyes will love the comprehensive nutrition. Click here to buy online.