Which Vitamins Are In The Best Supplements For Eye Health?

The National Eye Institute supported extensive research to understand the impact of specific vitamins and minerals on the eyes.** What these studies showed was that a certain combination of vitamins and minerals help promote eye health.

Quality Matters

When comparing the formulations of some of the best supplements for eye health, not only do the right nutrients need to be present in the correct proportions and dosages, but they must be delivered in a formulation that ensures absorption by the body.

Since the studies were published, numerous supplements have been introduced to the market. Unfortunately, many of these pill-based supplements are often associated with side effects including difficulty swallowing the large pills and upset stomach.

OJO® is Quality Nutrition

OJO® contains an ideal balance of vitamins and nutrients needed to help promote eye health*.

  • 500 mg Vitamin C
  • 200IU Vitamin E
  • 20 mg of Zinc
  • 5 mg Lutein
  • 1 mg Zeaxanthin

Together, these vital vitamins and minerals can help protect the eyes* from detrimental effects of UV light and years of wear and tear.

Drink Your Eyes Healthy™ with OJO’s® powerful combination of eye health promoting vitamins and minerals.* One bottle a day will help to ensure proper nutrition.

Once you try it, you will know why OJO® is one of the best supplements for eye health available. Order today to minimize the effects of aging and help protect your eye health.*

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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