Berry Lutein Blast

OJO Quickly Dissolving Eye Care Crystals are a great tasting and convenient alternative to the difficult to ingest AREDS vitamins.

Each doctor-formulated packet of OJO contains a full daily dose of AREDS 2 vitamins which were clinically shown by the National Eye Institute’s AREDS 2 study to promote eye health.

Simply dissolve in water, your favorite beverage, or even yogurt!

Perfect for those who can't swallow those large eye vitamin pills.

OJO crystals were designed to bring the important health benefits of the AREDS 2 vitamins to everyone interested in eye health – without the pill related side-effects.

OJO Crystals are one less pill to take and one more way to help preserve healthy vision.

Try OJO Crystals today. No pills, no upset stomach.

Drink Your Eyes Healthy.
Berry Lutein Blast